Counter Dashboard Disclaimer

Arlington County maintains a system of permanent automatic counters to monitor bicycle and pedestrian volumes 24 hours a day at selected locations. Collecting better data on usage and demand is essential to building long-term support for walking and cycling, and improving conditions for those who choose to walk and ride bikes. This dashboard is a work in progress, and a way to share counter data with the public.

Because the dashboard presents "raw" data direct from the system server and the devices in the field, it will sometimes include errors, or contain gaps or blank periods. As we continue to develop the dashboard, our goal is to provide the most accurate and useful information possible. This may involve presenting both data direct from the system as well as data that have been normalized statistically. We invite your help and active participation in this process. If you find problems with the data, have questions about particular time periods, or would like to share insights or interpretations, please feel free to communicate them to:

On the web display, choose and “filter” the data you are interested in, then click "chart results" to display the results.